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MillionaireMatch VS SeekingArrangement

If you're successful or attractive, and in search of a relationship, both sites can cater to your needs. Let's take a comparison between these two dating sites, and which one suits you best. Read More »

How Millionaire Singles Can Avoid Falling for Gold Diggers

You’re rich men. But you also consider yourself a simple man. You want all the normal things that regular people want in life – to work hard, to have a rewarding career, to have a good life, and to find love. Unfortunately, if you have money, that can complicate such a simple thing as romance. Read More »

Being Rich Doesn’t Make You Appealing to Women – It’s What You Do With It

You’ve done well in your career, and have a bursting bank account to show for it. You’ve worked hard, put in long hours, and sprouted grey hairs. In short, you’ve earned your money, and you want to enjoy your riches. Read More »

How Kate Middleton Landed Prince William

Fairy tales do come true. For anyone who has ever daydreamed of meeting a prince, falling in love and marrying him and living happily ever after, don’t let the naysayers burst your bubble. It can happen, and we’re not just talking about it happening in Disney movies or in Pretty Woman. It just takes a lot of luck, some stars aligning, and some plain old-fashioned compatibility. Read More »

How to Grab the Attention of Rich Men on Dating Sites

A new year is fast approaching, and you’ve decided that 2016 is the year you’re going to meet someone special. You already have everything else in your life – you’re blessed to have a great education, a job that you like, and a cozy little home. You have great friends and family, and a decent social schedule. It would be nice to have someone to share it with! Read More »

Millionaire Dating Sites VS Mainstream Dating Sites

Whether you are a millionaire looking for a young, beautiful or handsome person to date or to become your sugar baby, or someone looking for rich men, there are lots of options on where to find the person of your dreams. Of course, you could meet this person organically, through business event, or art gallery or charity fundraisers, where the rich tend to hang out and spend their time with other people of great means. Read More »

Self Made Rich Women VS Those Born With A Silver Spoon

There are two kinds of rich people in the world – those who struggle in order to achieve something great in their life and those born in a rich family and inherit a great deal of wealth. It goes without saying that the experience of dating one individual is very different from dating the other. This article highlights the primary differences between dating a successful woman and the one born with a silver spoon. Read More »

Why So Many Successful Women Have Difficulty Finding A Partner

You’re smart, successful and you’ve worked very hard. Over time, it’s paid off. You might have made partner in a law firm, or established your own medical practice, written your first novel, or bought your own house – and you didn’t need a man to do it. You’ve made it on your own terms, in the field of your choice. Your parents, family and friends are proud of you. Heck, you’re proud of yourself. Read More »

What the First Lady of Silicon Valley Can Teach You About Dating

She’s been married to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for three years, and recently gave birth to their first child. Paediatrician Dr. Priscilla Chan managed to land one of Silicon Valley’s young hot bachelors. How did the Massachusetts native, who was born to immigrant parents, do it? Read More »

Top 9 Millionaire and Billionaire Bachelors in North America, Asia and Europe

After dating around the same boring art benefactor and wannabe high-roller circuit for the last few years, you’ve decided that 2016 is going to be different. You’ve decided that this is the year that you find your love – you’re going to date a millionaire! That is, you’ve decided that he has to be a millionaire at the very least. Read More »

Top 10 Qualities Of Women That Rich Men Value

When rich men enter the world of dating sites, they do so with a specific set of desirable qualities in mind. A dating site that helps rich men find love with the right woman can help them to locate women with the qualities they seek. Read on to learn more about these qualities. Read More »

What Millionaires Are Looking for on Dating Sites

What are millionaires interested in when they are looking to date? A look into the website has found that some of the most commonly searched keywords include model, hot, sexy, Asian, Jewish and doctor – no surprises there since millionaires have their pick when it comes to dating. Read More »