How Kate Middleton Landed Prince William

Fairy tales do come true.

For anyone who has ever daydreamed of meeting a prince, falling in love and marrying him and living happily ever after, don’t let the naysayers burst your bubble. It can happen, and we’re not just talking about it happening in Disney movies or in Pretty Woman. It just takes a lot of luck, some stars aligning, and some plain old-fashioned compatibility.

Kate Middleton

After all, it happened to the former Kate Middleton, now better known as Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and a Princess of the United Kingdom and mother to Prince George, third in line to the throne, and Princess Charlotte. Although she isn’t of royal blood, she still managed to land a real live prince.

Here’s how she did it – and even if you’re not looking for a prince, you can adapt these tips to land the man of your dreams.

She’s beautiful.

She’s got a naturally slim figure, she’s tall, and her hair is always shining and well-maintained. Her nails are impeccably groomed and her skin glows. It’s obvious that she takes care of herself, and that she respects herself. She also carries herself well, and with grace, and her clothes are always suitable for the occasion.

She’s educated.

She and Prince William met at St. Andrew’s College, where they were both students. Even though they began dating while they were in school, she never let her dream of becoming William’s wife, interfere with her education. While others may have focused on landing a prince, the duchess focused on her studies and graduated from school.

She had her own career and job.

Upon graduation, Kate got a job. She was a buyer for the department store, Jigsaw, even though she and William were getting quite serious. She didn’t have to work, and her family certainly could have afforded to have her not work. Still, she wanted a career (perhaps as a backup if things didn’t work out with the prince?) so she worked here for a while before leaving. She only quit after her relationship with Prince William really began to take off, and she was being trailed by the paparazzi. It was then that she left the job and the prince had royal security look after his girlfriend to protect her from the media.

They were friends first.

Some of the best relationships grow out of friendships. Kate and William met in their first year at St. Andrew’s where they were just platonic friends. Then they became roommates, and it wasn’t until after that love blossomed between this good-looking pair. Being friends first is always a good move because you learn to talk to each other and learn about each other first.

She’s classy and stylish.

Kate is one of the world’s most stylish women. Her wardrobe (even her maternity wardrobe!) is emulated by women around the world. Magazines photograph what she wears and call it the style of the season, and her hairstyle inspires hair salons. Stores sell out of things that she has been seen in. She truly looks great in every photograph and adds beauty and style to the palace.

She can be trusted with family secrets.

Even when Kate and William broke up for two months a couple of years into their relationship, she didn’t reveal any royal secrets or badmouth him, or the royal family. She just went about her own life and showed that she could be trusted, even when things were rocky.

She didn’t give up.

William didn’t propose until seven years after they first began dating. For many women, this is too long of a wait, and they would have given up. But Kate knew what she wanted, and kept after it. In the end, it paid off – she got the crown AND the man.