The League Review

If you want to find a dating app that is jam-packed full of successful people who have a lot to offer, The League could definitely be the platform for you. This review takes a closer look at The League, including the requirements, plus the pros/cons of signing up for this unique dating app.

the league

What is The League?

The League is a dating app that offers a more upscale dating experience. This means that you don't need to worry about running into scammers and the caliber of members is definitely more high-quality than what you might find on other websites. If you are sick of dating that same kind of people with no prospects or ambition, The League could definitely be a much better choice for you.

The requirements

Not everybody will be accepted as a member onto The League, which can both be a good and bad thing. While there might be fewer members in your area, you can guarantee that the people you do run into are worth it. It has been called a millionaire dating app and while that might not be technically the case, there are a few factors you will be judged on when you first apply. This includes attractiveness, how interesting you are, and success. So you might be wondering how exactly to apply? You need to submit both your Facebook and Linkedin account, plus upload 6 photos of yourself. If you make it onto the site, you will be approved and your profile will be live and ready to use. You do need to pay to be a member of The League, this can be anywhere from 99 bucks a month to 30 bucks a month, depending on how long you want to be a member for.


  • You can boost your profile with the power move feature and this will help get you more matches on the upscale dating app.
  • It has a sleek and organized layout, with the best quality of members possible.
  • Targeted for your professionals and there are many more attractive people on The League than what you would find on any other dating platform.
  • Easy messaging area for you to communicate with members who you might be interested in.


  • The matches that you will have on this exclusive dating site are super high quality, you would not meet people like this in everyday life unless you run in millionaire circles.
  • The screening process means that there are no scammers or fake profiles.
  • There is excellent customer service from the team at The League.


  • The approval process is mysterious and it can also take a little while because it is done by humans.
  • You have to pay to be a member and this can work out to be quite expensive.


The League is definitely a whole lot different from Tinder and other dating websites. If you are looking for better looking and more successful people to date, there is no reason why you shouldn't give this app a try. This millionaire dating app can help you score exactly what you've always wanted and if you can afford the membership fees, why not give it a try for yourself?