Why So Many Successful Women Have Difficulty Finding A Partner

You’re smart, successful and you’ve worked very hard. Over time, it’s paid off. You might have made partner in a law firm, or established your own medical practice, written your first novel, or bought your own house – and you didn’t need a man to do it. You’ve made it on your own terms, in the field of your choice. Your parents, family and friends are proud of you. Heck, you’re proud of yourself.

successful woman

You’ve always excelled at everything you’ve put your mind to, so when it came time to find a partner and possibly settle down, you thought it would be easy. You go on a few dates, without a spark. You agree to get set up with friends of friends – nothing. Finally, you try to go on a date with that nice man your mother tried to set you up with a thousand times, but to no avail. You’re frustrated and a little confused. I’m successful and established, and very well-educated, you think. Why is it so hard to find a partner?

First of all, you’re not the only one. Plenty of rich, career-oriented, driven women have trouble finding men, and there are lots of reasons why. Here, we explain some of the reasons and offer a possible solution.

Reason #1: You’re picky.

Because you’re so educated and career-oriented, and have your own money, you refuse to settle for less than you deserve. Believe us, that is a good thing. You’ve worked way too hard to just give it all away to someone who doesn’t measure up to your high expectations. To that, we say bravo, and don’t give up. Someone worthy of you will come along, and when he does, you’ll know it.

Reason #2: Men are intimidated by you.

Sometimes, men are intimated by rich women who have it all going on – in their careers, in real estate matters, and in their bank accounts. When the woman is gorgeous to boot, they don’t think that they can ever get you, that you must be out of their league. So they don’t even try. If you are interested in a man in this case, you might make the first move – be extra friendly, smile and be approachable to indicate your interest.

Reason #3: You have yet to meet your match.

If you’re a rich woman, you might need to date someone a little out of the ordinary who understands what your lifestyle is, and who will not be intimidated by you. You may be better off dating a rich man, or someone whose bank account can rival yours, or someone whose position in their company is the same level as yours. You may also need to date your intellectual equal so you have more to talk about.

So what can you do if you have difficulty finding a partner? We recommend dating sites, or online dating, where you can clearly indicate what kind of person you are looking for.