How to Grab the Attention of Rich Men on Dating Sites

A new year is fast approaching, and you’ve decided that 2016 is the year you’re going to meet someone special. You already have everything else in your life – you’re blessed to have a great education, a job that you like, and a cozy little home. You have great friends and family, and a decent social schedule. It would be nice to have someone to share it with!

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Taking stock of everything you have, and your goals for the future, you tentatively think that you think you’ve got what it takes to land a rich man. After all, you’re accomplished, you’re doing all right financially, you’re doing OK socially, and you’re more than adequate in the looks department – people always tell you how beautiful you are. So after some consideration, you decide to use a dating site to try to find a wealthy man – someone who can offer you the finer things in life, and who can treat you the way you know you deserve to be treated.

Before you start talking to these men, there are a few things to consider.

First, rich men are used to being propositioned by women – all eyeing his wealth and power – all the time. They are people too and want to be loved for being themselves, not for what is in their bank accounts. For this reason, they are wary of dating sites and could be cautious of women in general. So why are they on these dating sites in the first place? Their answer is the same as yours – because they want to find a love match, and real-life meetings just weren’t cutting it.

In order to find a successful love match, you have to make yourself stand out from all the other women who are banging down his door. There will be a lot of women – beautiful, accomplished women, no less – who will be vying for his attention, so you have your work cut out for you. Here are some ways that you can get the attention of rich men on dating sites without making yourself look like a gold digger.

Remember that photos speak volumes about who you are.

When you are choosing photos to upload to your profile, or to send to your rich man, choose wisely. You will want to choose an attractive photo of yourself, but don’t make it too obvious. While other women send photos of themselves with too much makeup and hairspray, their bodies squeezed into revealing dresses and their feet in painful stilettos, try something different. Send him a photo of yourself the way you usually dress – but better. If you like to spend time hiking in jeans, send him a photo of you on the trails with your dog – but put on a little makeup before the camera goes click. Not only will you appear more natural, he will learn more about you as a person and what you like to do. Most men like women who are down to earth and have their own hobbies, so this would work in your favor.

Make it clear that you are not looking for a sugar daddy.

Your online profile will allow you some space to write all about you. Take the opportunity to mention what you do for a living. This shows several things – that you have a job, that you are not dependent on him for money, and that you are fine on your own, thank you very much. You don’t want him to think that you are after him only for the money. He will also be more likely to respect you if you love what you do for a living and are good at what you do. Knowledge and talent are very sexy- don’t underestimate them! Telling him that you are not after his money will also take the pressure off of him. If he knows that you are hanging out with him because you like him and respect him, it makes him relax – can you imagine how much pressure it would be if someone were dating you or your money?

Take an interest in his hobbies, goals, and dreams.

Once you’ve started talking, or have met, be sure to take an interest in his hobbies and interests. We’re not saying that you suddenly have to become a golf pro because he is, or have to start reading up on stocks every weekend, but you should have an idea of what he likes to do with his free time and have a healthy respect for it. Ask him questions about what he likes to do. Does he love dogs? Suggest going to a dog show, or taking his Labrador retriever to the dog park. Does he enjoy the theatre? Perhaps you could spring for tickets and take him on a date. It doesn’t hurt to read up on his interests, either, so that you have something to add to the conversation. The point is, you should share in some of his interests. It will give you something to talk about and to bond over. If the only thing of his you are interested in is his credit card, then that is definitely a bad thing.

Be a potential date, but be a friend, too.

If this rich man is in a position of power, he probably has trouble deciding who he can trust in real life. There are likely so many people who want to use him for his position and the advantages that he can bring them that the poor guy is very confused. Earn his trust early on. The way to do that is to be his friend. Joke with him, make sure that the two of you can have a normal conversation. Do regular things, like get coffee and low-key dinners, and at least offer to pay your own way. He might insist on treating you, but he will probably be taken aback that you at least offered. It will go a long way to capturing his heart.