The Inner Circle Review

TheInnerCircle is a dating app that encourages exclusivity and finding the perfect match that is just like you. Chances are that more successful people don't want to settle for Tinder or other similar dating apps and want something more long-lasting. This dating app has a thorough application process to make sure only people who suit are accepted onto the platform.

the inner circle

Adding to the appeal of this dating app is the widespread availability. The app and the community around it is in many large cities. The sheer amount of places that the app can be used in means that all of them can't be listed here, but some of them are Atlanta, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Cape Town, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Las Vegas, London, New York, Stockholm and so many more!

The amount of locations means that interested people won't have to travel far to find possible partners nearby. That makes it preferable over other types of dating apps that have a far smaller community.

The Application Process

Like what was mentioned above, the application process is strict. Many successful business owners and workers have been accepted, although many are also writers and other creators who have seen business boom. The owners said that their ideal person is between 20 and 40 years old, highly driven and career motivated.

Only successful people should apply. While that may seem discriminatory to some people, it is the perfect chance for users to meet those like them who have close life experiences and knowledge. That ensures TheInnerCircle dating app stands out above the other dating apps because it doesn't fall lax on their policies.


Once an application has been accepted and vetted, TheInnerCircle will provide profiles of locals. If both people say "Like" rather than "Pass" then the two members can start sending messages to one another. The city the member is looking in can also be changed if the user is traveling. There are also tickets available to purchase that are for events exclusive to Inner Circle users where they can meet other users.

The only downside to the app is that to view messages, a membership is required. It doesn't cost a lot and because of the income the users have, it shouldn't be much of a problem. But it can be annoying to have features locked behind a paywall. However, that does mean it weeds out people who may not be as committed to the community. The membership can be canceled at any time the user no longer wants or needs the app.

Overall, the app is a great choice to find like people that are at the same point in their lives. Don't hesitate to sign up today and see what everyone has been raving about! The wait list is well worth it because it makes sure that only those who fit the community are accepted.