How Millionaire Singles Can Avoid Falling for Gold Diggers

You’re rich men. But you also consider yourself a simple man. You want all the normal things that regular people want in life – to work hard, to have a rewarding career, to have a good life, and to find love. Unfortunately, if you have money, that can complicate such a simple thing as romance.

millionaire dating

Money can make things trickier for you when it comes to dating and finding a relationship. There are some unscrupulous people out there, who will pretend to love you just to get close to you – and to your riches. They will either stick with you, and suck you dry by treating you like a human charge card or marry and hastily divorce you at the first opportunity, and then sue you for alimony. It’s not fair that you have to remain so guarded, to avoid these so-called gold diggers, but you have to consider that a price to pay for having such great wealth.

So how does a millionaire find true love? How do you filter out the women who are potential gold diggers, who are using you for your money? Read on to find out.

Things you should do:

Do normal things on your dates.

You know it and she knows it. You could afford to take her to Paris for a first date. But don’t set that as the tone for the rest of the relationship, or she will come to expect it. By all means, treat her to a fancy restaurant, but don’t lavish her with expensive dates from the get-go. Save the really extraordinary gestures for her birthday or for another special occasion.

Do encourage gender equality.

If she offers to pay every so often, consider letting her. If you always reach for your wallet and turn her down when she offers to foot the bill, she will come to expect you to do it every time. After all, she presumably makes her own income, and if your relationship is real, she should want to treat you every so often – even if it is for an ice cream cone.

If you get married, do consider a prenuptial agreement.

Your lawyer will probably advise you to do this, to protect your assets, and you should seriously think about it. If the love is real, and your relationship lasts, there will be no need for the agreement. If she voices a strong objection, you should ask yourself – and her – why she is so opposed to it.

Do consider seeing a financial advisor or a lawyer.

If you don’t have a lawyer yet, now is the time to get one, but with your assets, you probably have one – and a financial advisor – on retainer. Ask him or her for some advice on what to do once your relationship gets serious. He or she may have ideas to protect your bank balance, and how to handle financial matters in a marriage or other serious relationship.

Do keep your old, pre-wealth friends.

Show her that money isn’t all that matters to you. Remember those friends you had in college? The ones whose couches you camped out on when you were flat broke? How about the ones that traveled with you on spring break? They stuck with you through the hard times, so you shouldn’t give up on them now that you have a fancy title and a hefty bank account. Likewise, consider dating someone you knew before you became wealthy, and don’t ditch that old girlfriend for a shiny new model once you hit the big time.

Things you shouldn’t do:

Don’t flaunt your wealth.

If you show off your fancy car, designer clothes, and McMansion in the Hollywood Hills, you’re certainly going to attract your share of gold diggers. If you keep it relatively modest while enjoying your wealth, and be all about substance rather than flash, it’s a safer bet that you will attract someone with better intentions.

Don’t go overboard on everyday occasions.

Of course, you should enjoy your wealth, and you will want to spoil her. But for everyday purposes, don’t go all out. It’s OK to go to a reasonable restaurant instead of a five-star restaurant every night. Don’t lavish expensive gifts on her regularly for no reason.

Don’t “loan” her money or offer to cover her everyday expenses.

Money shouldn’t enter your relationship. By all means, give her financial advice – if she asks for it – but if she asks you for a “loan,” be sure you ask yourself why. Just remember that money has ruined many relationships and friendships. And don’t give her an allowance. She’s not a prostitute, and you’re not her sugar daddy.